Who we are


The concept for Auctionise.com was created to fill the need for individuals to obtain honest objective information regarding the auction process geared towards helping individuals become successful on eBay. I started purchasing on eBay as a buyer in 1998 in order to round out my record collection, within a few months I discovered my own niche market and skyrocketed to Powerseller status. Over the years I’ve refined my methods and shared them with others freely. In 2006 I co-develop a new niche business with my wife after which she resigned her position as a social worker to do eBay full time and to be a full time mom to their daughter. My wife was able to successfully implement the auctionise business model and strategies to grow her business to eBay Powerseller Silver Level status with a feedback score over 12,000 positives (as of 2012).


What the site is about

Auctionise is divided up into three main categories:

  • “Experts”  category experts provide insightful information to expand your knowledge base
  • “Recommendations” of information, resources and websites
  • “Ask Auctionise” we answer readers question