What is so Exciting about Magnet Collecting?

As a magnet collector, you will find enormous enjoyment in building up a collection that is of great personal value to yourself. There is an almost unlimited supply of collectible magnets that there are available all around the world so for a magnet collector, the selection in their collection comes down to the individuals’ personal preference. The majority of collectors will begin their collection by purchasing a magnet on a vacation that they are away on and will more often than not; place the magnet on the fridge. The collection will then grow each time that the family goes away on a break. This is a brilliant way to show all of the places that the family have been to. Each magnet from a different vacation will remind the collector and family of that holiday and will place the collectors mind back into that happy place for a few minutes during the normal hustle bustle of the family life and working in the kitchen.

Magnets are also a one of the top gift items that can be bought for family members as a memento of a trip on which they were not present on. Some novelty magnets that can be bought depict animals or people and can have moving parts for legs, arms or eyes and some can even have lights and sounds that are activated upon movements being felt.

For a serious collector, a collection of around the 1,000 mark is respectable. Part of the excitement for a magnet collector is to be the owner of the magnet that is considered to be the best for the specific purpose. For example, a magnet that depicts the Eiffel tower and is colourful with large lettering is a highly desirable magnet to denote that the owner has visited Paris. A new craze in the collectible magnet market currently is 3D magnets. Now, this type of magnet is not new on the market but the older variations tend to come with a weak magnet that did not make a good connection to the surface and therefore fall and become damaged with the slightest knock. What has become revolutionised is the strength of the magnets that are produced and installed in collectible magnets. Magnets are now produced that are able to defy gravity to the human eye and are able to hold a great amount of weight for the size of the magnet.

A serious collector can also now purchase magnetic wall paper that can be as thin as to 2mm thick and painted to match the colour of the wall. This invention has enabled whole walls to be covered in magnets as the collector desires. It also offers the ability to change the complete decoration in a room as the season changes. For example, Christmas magnets can be brought out in the run up to The festivities in December. Letters, words and pictures can be created on the wall which will also be great fun for the family. The option is of course always there to attach a photo or poster to the wall which will be secured by the power of magnets.

The majority of magnets cost under $5 and so this is a hobby that truly will not cost the earth to maintain. The pace of collection is entirely down to the collector which gives the option to collect as slowly or indeed as quickly as the individual can afford to.

Magnets are generally on the cheap side but on occasion, some can rocket in price. For example, there was a range of magnets that depicted the 1960′s rock band the Beatles. As all magnets were, they were found extremely cheaply in stores. Upon the death of John Lennon several year after the magnets had stopped being produced, some of the best conditioned Beatles magnets reached well over £100 at auctioneers houses around the world. This gave a profit margin of more than 2000% in cases where the owner chose to sell.

Item selection is the trickiest part of being a magnet collector. Due to the low unit prices, almost any magnet will fall within any individual’s price range. Selecting the perfect magnet that will complement the collection is an absolutely key decision that should not be taken lightly. Many collectors will only collect magnets in certain categories or ranges such as ones that picture cars or denote places for example. Item condition is another big factor in the dilemma of whether or not to make the final purchase.

To conclude, magnets are one of the easiest collections to start off with and with such a huge range available in every country around the world, a bespoke collection has the ability to stimulate enthusiasm and spark conversations.