Royal Wedding Memorabilia Collection

The royal family of the commonwealth are still today the biggest tourist attraction in Britain. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the monarchical head of the royal family which heads the states of 52 sovereigns around the globe. As such, when there is a royal wedding, it is extremely big news for those nations that are included in the commonwealth as well as those who are simply well-wishers from other sovereigns such as the USA and far eastern countries.

This gives rise to a huge global market for royal wedding memorabilia and merchandise which can be found in varying levels of quality and in a huge range of products. The most popular collectible wedding items include items such as t-shirts and tea towels. These vary in the amount in which they are used, for example, a royal wedding t-shirt is unlikely to be worn very often but a tea towel will often be used in every-day life.

Royal wedding memorabilia market first became apparent when the Queen married Prince Phillip in 1947. Pieces of memorabilia from this wedding are now extremely scarce and items that are in a good condition are extremely valuable today. The Queens eldest son Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in 1981 and thanks to the huge public affection that Dianna had all around the world, this event became benchmark for todays’ royal weddings and millions pieces of memorabilia was produced and distributed all around the globe. The most recent royal wedding was Prince Williams with Katharine Middleton 30 years after his parents. This wedding saw record numbers of viewers around the world and in turn stimulated the royal wedding memorabilia market into a complete frenzy. Other royal weddings through the years include the Queens three sons and daughter; Charles (2nd marriage), Edward, Andrew and Anne. These weddings all received less publicity than the three big events but has each produced a range of wedding memorabilia collectibles.

In order to start building a good wedding collection, the first thing to check in an auction is the quality and condition of the item. An unused item is far more valuable than one that has clear evidence of regular usage. The quality of the product should also be noted before making a purchase. This is most evident in one of the most popular items of royal wedding memorabilia collections which are items that are made from china or porcelain. These products tend to be coffee mugs and decorative plates.

In order to be successful in an online auction when collecting royal wedding memorabilia it is important to aim yourself at the correct product for your requirement. For example, items that are of high quality and in excellent condition will be much more popular than those that are less well presented. This means that a vast number of auctioneers will be blinkered in their quest to find the absolute perfect item. An opportunity therefore develops for collectors to target products that have less interest than the most expensive ones. It is often found that plates and coffee mugs that have slight staining are as much as quarter of the price of the best ones which is a great deal if you are not so fussy about the imperfection.

Collectors that are only interested in the best condition and quality items will obviously need to employ different tactics in online auctions to get their item. Online auctions will differ from auction houses as they will have a defined time at which the auction will end. This means that bids will rise over time depending on the level of interest. Either way, the best way in which to be successful in these auctions is set an absolute limit in your mind of the maximum price that you would be willing to pay and try to stick to it. Bidding early in defined time auctions has no meaning or any point. All that it will do is increase the final selling price and possibly put it out your price range. The best method is to be patient and watch the desired items as they get closer to the end of the auction. Bidding only a few minutes before the auctions end will allow you to lead the auction at the time when it matters. Most auction site will now offer the option to place an instant price as well as put a maximum bid. This should see of any bids that are made in the closing few seconds.

Other items to consider are collectible coins which will hold a monetary value in shops such as £5 or $10 but the real value of these coins will be much higher. In cases where extremely rare memorabilia coins are for sale these can reach values of up to $100 in the evaluation of auctioneers. The best coins are the ones that are produced by the governments’ treasury. These can be easily identified by the detailed markings on the coins. There will of course be a host of unofficial coins produced by people that have the equipment to do this. In most cases these coins can be easily identified and should always be avoided.

Some of the most popular collectibles include union jack flags with the couple displayed, glass ornaments, tea sets and replica teddy bears and dolls and were produced for each of the royal weddings. Some great pieces can be found which will simply require some careful choice and budget consideration.